Vintage Postcards

Vintage Picture Postcards

Some of the many terms used to describe picture postcards
Appliqué Postcard
A term used to describe a postcard which has some form of cloth, metal or other embellishment attached to it.
Art Déco Postcard
Artistic style of the 1920s, recognisable by its symmetrical designs and straight lines.
Art Nouveau Postcard
Artistic style of the turn of the century, characterised by flowing lines and flowery symbols, yet often depicting impressionist more than representational art.
Bas Relief Postcard
Postcards with a heavily raised surface, giving a papier-mâché appearance.
Composite Postcards
A number of individual cards, that when placed together in a group, form a larger picture.
Court Cards
The official size for British postcards between 1894–1899, measuring 115 mm × 89 mm.
Divided Back Postcards
Postcards with a back divided into two sections, one for the message, the other for the address. British cards were first divided in 1902 and American cards in 1907.
Early Picture Postcard
A term loosely used to describe any card issued before the Divided Back was introduced.


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